Blade House by Tecture

Location: New South Wales

Designer: Tecture

Photography: Timothy Kaye


Blade House by Tecture was a uniquely revolutionary project from the team as the project needed to be iconic but highly functional and practical. Tecture encompasses intricate and sophisticated architectural designs naturally complemented by inspiring luxurious décor from the finest designers in Australia and internationally.
Blade House by Tecture is located in the forest and commands the traditional beauty of the countryside in New South Wales. The architects were tasked to create a supremely versatile space that would blend in with the family’s dynamic nature and perfectly fit in with the vicinity.

Concrete Meets Timber
Typically, concrete exudes strength and durability and certainly strikingly showcases indestructibility. On the other hand, timber incorporates earthy, natural, and warm elements creating the perfect contrast. Both made sense for this family home. The result is a show-stopping display of prominence and an ideal continuation of the gorgeous forest views. The bare concrete walls and decorative touches of locally sourced timber continue throughout and into the interiors, skillfully tailored to command a presence and give the home a distinct, authentic character. The concrete walls remain bare and fluted to provide the rooms with a rustic touch, while the clean timber floors and ceilings maintain an inviting, warm feel.

Eclectic Picks for Extraordinary Architecture
Blade House would be incomplete without the perfect furniture and décor. Similar to most Tecture designs, it is impossible not to notice the attention to detail that goes into the home. In the spirit of rich craftsmanship and boldness, black steel detail is used to add functionality to the spaces, for instance, to create a subtle sense of privacy between the kitchen and dining area. Black sanitary ware and cabinetry sensually ground different rooms offering elegance and sophistication. Along with the natural formations of the primary material, white, black, and grey Calacatta D’oro marble cap the islands and counters in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedside stand to break up the spaces without taking away from the minimalist concept. The major challenge was finding pieces that would give the house a relaxed sensibility made possible through furniture, lighting, and other decorative elements.

The Lehenga table is one complimentary piece that immediately catches the eye thanks to its asymmetrical conical form. The Blade House complements the table by providing it with a unique display environment. This table is an interesting conversational piece that draws inspiration from the Indian skirts, capturing the movement of the Garba dance. In an interview, Helen Kontouris explained the design concept.

“Achieving the right balance of strength to weight of the mesh top meant testing designs and materials to ensure the table had enough strength to support the cantilevered ratio,” says Kontouris. “The final product is made entirely of steel, and the mesh table top brings visual lightness to the design.” We use authentically designed Australian-made, sustainable furniture to realise award-winning spaces like the Lehenga table for the Blade House. Blade House expresses the epitome of artistry and textural timelessness. It integrates structure, clean lines and a unique sense of simplicity, making it the perfect fit for the breathtaking countryside vicinity.

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