NGV Great Hall

Location: NGV Great Hall

Designer: Helen Kontouris

Photography: Sean Fennessy

The National Gallery of Victoria commissioned Helen Kontouris of LEN Furniture to design the seating for NGV’s Great Hall. The result is Bauhaus — a collection inspired by the Bauhaus movement and the NGV’s geometric ceiling, created by Leonard French in 1968. The seating modules were designed to blend contrasting and complementary combinations to support private or social gathering spaces within the Great Hall.

“We are truly honoured to have been commissioned by the NGV to create the new seating for the Great Hall named Bauhaus. After receiving the commission, I recall laying down on the floor in the Great Hall, which is a common sight with visitors, to absorb the entirety of Leonard French’s stained-glass ceiling. I laid there thinking about the intricacies of the stained-glass and how beautiful the rich colors of red, blue, purple, and yellow were against the thick black line work traversing across the glass ceiling. Inspired by the thick line work in the stained-glass ceiling, I imagined somewhat mirroring Leonard French stained-glass ceiling into the seating design and bringing the Bauhaus graphic line work and forms to life within the space.” — Helen Kontouris.