DesignInc Adelaide Studio

Location: South Australia

Designer: DesignInc

Photography: Sam Noonan

DesignInc’s Award-Winning Studio: A New Creative Work Destination in Adelaide

DesignInc Adelaide has always been dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions, but as their team grew, so too did the need for a larger working space. That’s why they embarked on an ambitious journey to create a unique studio environment that would embody their signature style and celebrate their success.

With a focus on collaboration and creativity, the team began by exploring new ways of using space and considering how the built environment could support their work practices. Through a series of discussions, they developed a design that would put the activities of the studio front and center, showcasing the iconic and sophisticated approach that has made them so successful.

The result is an impressive studio that features a compact reception desk, a large kitchen, social spaces, breakaway areas, and even a purpose-built virtual reality suite. The aesthetic and ergonomic details have been carefully crafted to create a sense of authenticity, while the exposed building services provide a valuable learning tool for graduates.

The new studio is a perfect addition to the DesignInc Adelaide family, as it balances the latest in cutting-edge design with a rich palette of materials and textures. Each element has been meticulously crafted to elicit an emotional response, from the luxurious and richly textured furnishings, to the bold and contrasting accents that define the space.

DesignInc Adelaide has always been dedicated to their clients, and this new studio is no exception. It has been designed to facilitate social interaction, encourage collaboration, and provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for the team. Whether working individually or in teams, the studio provides ample opportunity for exploration, while the blend of diverse materials, natural formations, and movement create an emotional connection that is essential to the creative process.

The space captures DesignInc’s signature style and expresses their core values of authenticity, excellence, and sophistication. This extraordinary evolution of their business is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering unrivalled quality and setting the stage for even greater success in the future.

One of the standout features in the new studio is the Bauhaus Seating System, which is a sophisticated collection of seating configurations designed by Australian designer Helen Kontouris for LEN. The Bauhaus seating system is dedicated to the evolution of the LEN brand and its sophisticated blend of luxurious style and quality. The Bauhaus seating system is versatile and designed to be used in various interior workspaces.

Speak to one of our team to learn more about our Bauhaus Seating system, or contact our distribution partner Stylecraft within Australia and Singapore. For all international enquiries, please get in touch with us directly at .