Lander & Rogers

Location: Melbourne

Designer: Carr

Photography: Peter Clarke Photography

Lander & Rogers desired an office space that reflected their authenticity, connectedness and innovation and would foster creativity and flexibility in how their team worked together.  The result they sought was something warm and inviting but also functional.  The architectural firm behind the space was CARR, an architecture and interior design studio known for its attention to detail and strong dedication to client needs.  This was carried through in their work with Lander & Rogers in creating their custom office.

Each piece from the Bauhaus collection offers custom colour options to perfectly complement any space and multiple texture options to create an ideal solution to any situation.  With Bauhaus, the result is always meticulously designed, authentic Australian-made, sustainable furniture for award-worthy spaces and provides a positive impact on the planet.  In particular, the Lander & Rogers space needed to create an environment where their team could come together to collaborate on projects yet also would feel comfortable taking a break to relax.  Two Bauhaus lounges were selected to fulfil this goal, along with beautiful accents and complimentary pieces to complete the look.  Carr chose the grid ottoman and angled lounges, creating a focal piece for this space, emphasising sophistication and texture for a slightly softer look.  Together, they build to draw attention to a beautiful and elegant room within the office area.

The Bauhaus seating system, added throughout the room, makes the entire space more versatile, offering a place for employees and visitors to relax, work, and exchange ideas.  The overall flow of the area creates a feeling like a luxury hotel, a place where anyone would be more than happy to spend time and enjoy themselves.

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