Softscape Retreat Lounge

Softscape Stools

Mobile, modular, reconfigurable and versatile, Softscape celebrates the need for today’s work environments to be flexible to a heightened degree, promoting the happiness of individuals and the dynamism of teams as the basis for sustained productivity. Read More…

Softscape supports both collaboration and the need for secluded focus. The Softscape lounges encourage an environment where people can work, communicate and connect in a softer and more intuitive environment. Part of the broader Softscape lounge collection, the Softscape Pebble ottoman and stool are soft and organically shaped upholstered seating elements perfect for singular or breakout interior settings.


Textiles Custom Colour
Leather Custom Colour

Designer: Helen Kontouris

Applications: Interior workspaces, Public seating, Residences, Education,  Hospitality, Campus, Library, Break-out, Waiting rooms.

Suitable Conditions: Indoor

Warranty: 5 years structural

Certifications:  Ecospecifier Green Tag

Notes: Designed in Australia. Made in Australia. Lead time 4-6 weeks. Protected under design registration and copyright.