Location: Australian Capital Territory

Designer: DJAS Architecture

Photography: Lightbulb Studio

Unleashing Creativity: The Stunning New Office Design by DJAS Architecture for Synergy Group

DJAS Architecture, the design firm behind some of the most iconic projects in recent history, has once again impressed with  the new office fit-out for Synergy Group in Barton. Taking inspiration from Silicon Valley tech offices, DJAS Architecture chose an open, flexible, and inviting layout that celebrates Synergy’s flat organisational structure and encourages collaboration. The result is a workspace that perfectly captures the company’s positive workplace culture and ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude.

The DJAS Architecture team made a bold move by replacing the traditional reception with a welcoming lounge hosted by modern office furniture. This approach perfectly balances sophistication with comfort and makes a lasting impression on guests and clients.

The Softscape Pebble Stools by LEN were an essential addition to the space, capturing the essence of Synergy Group and adding a bold dimension to the overall design. The Softscape collection is a versatile range of designer furniture that celebrates the need for flexible work environments and promotes happiness and productivity through its 700 possible seating configurations and use of accessories such as the Softscape pebble stools.

The Softscape collection celebrates diversity and rich textures that contrast and complement each other, making it an ideal choice for Synergy Group’s new office fit-out. The Softscape pebble stools and other pieces in the collection stand alone or can be layered together to create playful seating arrangements that amplify the office’s positive vibe. The designer furniture is Australian-made and embodies the intricate artistry of authentic designer furniture, expressing the core values of the LEN brand.

The new office fit-out in Barton is a testament to DJAS Architecture”s dedication to creating spaces that evoke emotional responses and facilitate social interaction. The eclectic blend of sumptuous materials, rich textures, and versatile furniture creates an authentic luxury that captures the company’s spirit. The result is a space that elicits a sense of community, an environment that celebrates the launch of a new era in the Synergy Group’s journey, and a place that employees will be proud to call their work home.  The imaginative design, impeccable attention to detail, and careful selection of furniture create a space that will leave a lasting impression.

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